Italian Week Day 3 – Panna Cotta from Piemonte


At Roscioli, Roma, Italy

I am very fond of Beef Carpaccio. There is a place in Rome that serves the best Beef Carpaccio and I went there 3 years ago and the above photo was taken then. The meat was very lean and yet very tender, it was very flavorful itself but still was not killing the good sauce. I was very impressed. Fortunately the chef was a very friendly person and he explained where the beef came from and it was from Piemonte, the north-west region of Italy. This cattle is called Fassone and it is regarded as a premium product from the region.

The Fassone beef became the starting point for me to study the great range of food from Piemonte. The wine Barolo was once a favorite wine among European kings and queens and is known as “The King of the wines”, the cheese Castelmagno is an exclusive product of Piemonte, the black truffles and the local pasta Tajarin (made of flour and egg yolks only) are the great combination as a pasta dish.

For the third day of my Italian Week, I wanted to do a dessert. People in the world are wild about the well know dessert Tiramisu, but still the debate about its origin is going on. I wanted to do a dessert from Piemonte and landed safely on Panna Cotta.

Italian Week Day 3 – Panna Cotta in Bento version

Panna Cotta is not a difficult dessert to make, it is a very simple recipe. But I have cooked enough to know why a simple recipe is a very demanding recipe and why you will fail if your ingredients are of poor quality. This recipe is faithful to the original Piemontese recipe of Panna Cotta except for the quantity of sugar. The original calls for 150g sugar but it was just too sweet for me and I have cut off some grams.

Panna Cotta from Piemonte

500 cc   Double Cream of good quality
110g     Sugar
1           Vanilla pod, split lengthwise, you can scrape out the seeds
4 (8g)    Gelatin sheets (2g each sheet)

1.  In a small bowl soak the gelatin sheets in cold water for 10 minutes.

2.  Pour the double cream and vanilla pod in a pan and start to heat over the
low-medium heat. Never boil, just simmer. When it is warm, add sugar. Mix well.

3.  Take the gelatin sheets out, squeeze the water out, add to the pan.
Mix well.

4.  When both the sugar and gelatin are dissolved, take it off the heat.

5.  Strain it through a mesh strainer.

6.   Pour into a mold (If you are using individual mold, this recipe is enough for 4 cups)

7.   Leave it in the room temperature for 10 minutes before you set it in your fridge for 3 hours.

8.   If you like to give a twist, add 120 cc espresso coffee and increase the quantity of sugar to 130g.
I made espresso with Nespresso machine using this Livanto capsule.

9.  A chocolate sauce is also good. Heat 150cc espresso coffee in a pan and add 35g dark chocolate and melt it.  Cool.  Decorate your panna cotta with the sauce.

xxxxx Rie 🙂


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