Hortensia Bento


So far I have made 5 bentos in the theme of flowers, most of the object have been wild flowers as I like them more than the perfect flowers from a flower shop. Soon I will make a separate album for these special bentos and today I wanted to show you how I made one. It is quite fun and also challenging to create a flower bento. It is a time-consuming project as well, but I really enjoy it! I hope these photos can transmit to you how I enjoy making a flower bento in my little kitchen in Norway…..

Today’s flower is Hortensia, a typical flower in the month of June in Japan, and it is my mother’s favorite flower.  As you know, Hortensia comes in different colors and I chose pastel pink for this bento.

Ingredients : Norwegian Fish Pudding (Minced white fish meat, milk, salt and flour in a casing and steamed), red plum vinegar, a red radish, red onion, color sugar for cake decoration.

First you cut out small flowers of the fish pudding. I made maybe 50 or 60 in total. Use a thick slice and cut out about 10 flowers.

Do you see one cut-out is relatively thick? You can slice it into 3-4 with a thin-bladed knife. Then you get 3-4 flowers right away.

Use the flat end of a bamboo stick and push it out from the cutter.
The other end of the stick is fine and pointing, but it pricks a hole and it is not so ideal. Use the flat end and push it out carefully.

I looked at the real Hortensia flower petals and saw they are not evenly pink. I decided to color them in 3 different tones using :
1) Red onion, red radish and water
2) Red onion, red radish and red plum vinegar
3) Pink color sugar for cake decoration
Leave them for about 30 minutes.

While I waited, I made three small onigiris. I used a mold.

Here I am putting petals on the rice ball.

They are fixed with pasta.

Here is my Hortensia bento!
When I ate it, I took the flowers off from the rice balls. It is safe to eat  them and the pasta, but it was more for decoration, I think.  Extra good okazu is necessary in a flower bento !

Thanks for following!

xxxx Rie


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