Collaboration Bento


Making bento is fun and it is something I have been enjoying for many years.  Although it is so and my bento is different everyday, doing the same thing so repeatedly can bring you to the point you feel bored. Routines are often there to get done and be finished with, but what about adding some enjoyment and fun to it?

My personal theme for the month of June 2013 is “Make someone happy with a bento” and I thought about the possible, thinkable, imaginable aspects that a bento can have, and I became interested in the entertainment aspect of a bento.  How can we amuse people and entertain their eyes with a bento?

In Japan it has been popular to match 2 or more different factors together and call it “collaboration”, it is usually shortened to be called “collabo (kolabo)”, and I immediately thought of “Collaboration Bento”. When you see bentos made by different people in different countries, you are so amazed to see all kinds of differences and variety. We have only one Sun, but some people think it is red, some people think it is orange or yellow. To me it is very interesting how we understand things differently and still putting our different understandings and ideas in one same thing, Bento.

Aurélie and Marie are talented bentoists from France. I am sure you have seen their bentos before as they have been one of the finalists at Bento & co’s bento contests. I am also a fan of their bento and suggested this project sometime ago and they gladly accepted it.  We will make some more collaboration bento this year but here come our very first one. The theme was “Rain” as June is the rainy month in Japan and we in Europe know how it has been this summer…

We hope this collaboration bento project will bring you some entertainment to your bento life and hopefully we can make you happy ❤


Cheers from Aurélie, Marie and Rie
Collaboration Bento

Collaboration Bento June 2013

From top :  
by Rie, Rain bento in my new Kaiseki bento box (from Bento & co). Tatami Onigiri with egg and salmon covered by a black nori sheet, a square pressed Shrimp sushi with an umbrella decoration, a little bowl of Okazu (Chicken Katsu, Salad, ham flower and marinated feta cheese)  I wanted to make a cheerful and colorful rain bento to cheer us up! Also I am here experimenting my new bento pics (do you see the flower stems and leaves, also the umbrella shaft?  They are bento pics.  

Left : 
by Aurélie, a tribute bento to “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg” (a 1964 musical movie directed by her favorite movie director) and she used the film poster as an inspiration :    She write : The two characters of the Bento are Geneviève and Guy (Catherine Deveuve and nino Castelnuovo) just before they got separated (Guy has to go to war for two years). They sing a beautiful but very sad love song, that’s why I used nori musical notes on the rain drops (it could be tears as well as Geneviève cries a lot in that scene).  I tried to use Norman products  (Cherbourg is a city of the french region of Normandy) : Apple, butter, camembert and cider. I made a savory pie filled with potatoes and a camembert/cider sauce. I’ve used norman butter for the crust. I also made a delicious norman apple cake. To me It’s exactly the kind of food that makes one feel better when it’s grey and raining outside. (all norman products are kind of contort food is you ask me… It must be because it’s a very rainy region!)


Right : 
by Marie, her bento is full of umbrellas and it was because it was raining everyday in France when she made this bento, Marie says. As usual, Marie is so precise in cutting, the sharp edges of umbrellas are amazing and there are so many of them!  (That is the tough part!) It is a rice salad (the rice under the umbrellas is black rice “venere”) with ham, cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, beetroot.  The design and composition is very good and it is a joy to see this umbrella bento! 
Marie’s blog :

It was funny to see all three of us had one or more umbrellas but these 3 bentos are very different.  
I can’t help thinking about our next theme for Collaboration Bento……

June 17, 2013


2 thoughts on “Collaboration Bento

  1. What a wonderful idea, Rie. I am looking forward to future collaborations among such talented food artists!

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