Tatami Onigiri


There is a cooking magazine in Japan called “Orange Page” and I have been a fan for a long time. To  me who live abroad, Japanese magazines are always something I enjoy reading and getting news and information from Japan but I must admit I have almost forgotten the correct way to read books that are bound on the right…  (You know Japanese books open from left to right….)  Anyways, here is one recipe that I found in an old issue of Orange Page the other day and it is called Tatami Onigiri.  Many of you already know what Onigiri is, yes it is rice formed in shapes by your hands and they can have different fillings inside, and this is another variation of Onigiri.


Ingredients for 2 pieces of Tatami Onigiri :
Cooked white rice (Japanese sticky rice)    150g
Egg              1
Salmon, Cheese, Ham etc.  things you like to “pile”
Large nori sheet    (21 x 19 cm)       1
White roasted sesame seeds

First, make a fried egg, it is an over easy one (fried on both sides and the yolk inside is still soft).
Crack an egg in a cup and make sure the yolk is not broken.
Heat your pan well over medium-high heat, put a half table spoon of oil and put the egg in and fry.
When the egg white is firm, trim it so that it is easier to flip it. Put some salt on the egg. Hold the pan by the handle, tilt the pan carefully and slide the spatula under the egg, make a swift move to flip the egg.

Here I had to take the pan off the heat to take the photos but you are still keeping the pan on the stove over medium-high heat.  Allow the other side of the egg cook for 1 minute and reduce the heat to low.
Leave it for 2-3 minutes depending how runny you would like the egg yolk to be.
Take it out of the pan, place it on a plate to cool.

Take 100g of rice and place it in the middle of the nori sheet. You can place it as a circle or a square.
If you place it in a circle, it will be about 10 cm in diameter. Place the egg on the rice. Trim it if necessary.

You can pile a piece of ham or cheese or anything you like.
Place the remaining rice (50g) on top.
Now we will fold. Tatami-masu!

Try to bring all four corners to the center with the tip overlapping on each other.
Tack the side inside BEFORE you bring the corner to the center, otherwise you will get a little “wing” like this. Wrap in a plastic wrap and leave for 5 minutes. Then the moisture from rice and food will moisten the nori and it will settle to be cut.

Wet your knife blade and cut the Tatami Onigiri into half.
Put some more grilled salmon and roasted white sesame seeds on top. If you have long bento pics, you can insert them through the onigiris so that they will stand nicely on a plate.  Serve as bento, or with a bowl of good miso soup and a cup of green tea.  Bon Appetite!  xxxx Rie

PS.   Just one suggestion!
Please take a look at this photo.  If you have an egg with a big egg yolk, it will be an uneven layer.  I think it will be maybe best not to use L-size egg.  It is also ok to “fill” the flatter side with some other ingredients to make it more even in thickness.

Good luck, my friends! 🙂


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