Pasta Recipe 10 – Pasta with caramelizes red onion and shrimp in tomato cream sauce


The other day I was watching a cooking video of Jamie Oliver.  Actually it was a pair of sisters with itallian family background that was cooking in the video. They were showing a pasta dish with caramelized leek and crispy pancetta. It looked good and it inspired me to make this recipe.

Red onion is a fantastic vegetable. It has a mild taste than yellow onions and it gets very sweet when you treat them right over the heat.  I often buy red onions and I enjoy using it in different ways, but I have to say I like it best when it is sautéed with olive oil and brown sugar, and no harm to add  some loving touch.  If you have not tried this yet, please try. You can make a plenty of it and keep it in your fridge for some days or freeze it in your freezer. Make a toast and put a slice of cheese and put this caramelized red onion on top. Et voila! I think the combination of the cheese and the sweet red onion will give you a good breakfast.  (If you want more volume, fry an egg and put on the toast as well)  Bon Appetit!

Serves 2 

Pasta   150 – 200g
Red onion       1/2 pieces
Brown sugar (Cassonade)   1.5 table spoon

Large shrimps (fresh or frozen)    6 pieces
Small tomatoes       4
Heavy cream       100cc
Fresh oregano        1 table spoon, minced
Dry basil                1 table spoon
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

1.  Cut each tomato into 8.
2.  Clean the shrimps, wash well with salted cold water. Pat dry with kitchen paper and
cut each shrimp into 2.
3.  Mince the red onion.  Heat a fry pan, add 1 tea spoon of olive oil and sautee the onion
over medium heat.  When the color changed to transparent, add the brown sugar.

4.  Turn the heat to high and caramelize the onion with sugar.  When the onion is fully
covered by sticky sugar, turn off the heat.

5.  Start to cook the pasta.
6.  Heat a pan over medium-high heat, add olive oil and sautee the shrimps.
Add salt and pepper.
7.  Add the tomatoes and cook until all the tomatoes are dissolved like sauce.
add oregano and the red onion.

8, Bring the heat to low and add cream.  Cook for 5 minutes. Add Dry basil.

9.  Mix the sauce and the pasta in a bowl. Toss.

10.  Plate it on your dinner plate and Bon Appetit!



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