Pasta Recipe 8 – Lasagna Roll


I sometimes make a pizza at home and I am constantly searching for a good pizza
dough recipe in cooking books and on internet. One day I was reading one pizza
recipe and I found there was tips for leftover homemade pizza dough. It was suggesting
to make a lasagna with layers of pizza crust.  Aha! Nice idea!

Then I thought, “If it is possible to make a lasagna with pizza crust, maybe we can make a pizza
with lasagna sheet pasta ??”

Serves 2 
Lasagna sheets           6
Baby spinach leaves  50g
Fresh basil
Tomato                       2
Pepperoni                   40g
Mozzarella cheese      125g
Pizza cheese                 60g
Pizza sauce                 5 table spoons

1.  Wash baby spinach and basil together, pat dry with kitchen paper and cut.

2. Cut pepperoni into small pieces.

3. Drain and cut Mozzarella cheese into small pieces. Mix all in a bowl.

4.  Cook lasagna sheet in a boiling salt water for 4 minutes. It is recommended
to do this one by one. Otherwise the pasta sheets will stick together.
After it is cooked, take it out and place on a kitchen cloth.

5.  Paste some Pizza Sauce. Place the spinach mix evenly spread.
And roll it!
Thin slices of tomato on top.
Add more pizza sauce and cheese it!

Bake in a oven 220C for about 15 minutes. Bon Appetit!


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