Pasta Recipe 5 – Gratin with Gorgonzola and Chicken

No. 74

It was a cold day in London last weekend, my husband and I went to his favorite department
store in London called Selfridges.  My husband used to work and live in London and this
store has been his place to shop for a long time. Although they used to carry many more
things before, I still enjoyed their selection of kitchen goods. We were surprised that they now
have a corner for bento boxes! Wow, really bento has come to spread to the world, a bento
corner in Selfridges! After the bento corner, I came to the wonderful selection of all kinds of
pots and pans,  and my eyes were stopped at the sign “SALE” at Le Creuset from France.

They happened to have a sale of these wonderful oven-proof small cocotte molds, it has a cute
lid too, a precise miniature of the famous Le Creuset cooking pot.  Very cute. They had this in
many different colors and I picked this red one up, 10 minutes later it was packed and wrapped
in a yellow shopping bag of Selfridges. I was first thinking of serving a soup in this. French
onion soup will be good, I thought.  You can serve it with the lid on, what a nice idea for your
guest to open the lid and smell the wonderful onion soup before he uses a spoon to bring the
soup into his mouth to taste! But my eyes were stopped again at my grocery store,
they had beautiful gorgonzola cheese and I just had to buy it.

So here is a recipe of my gratin with gorgonzola and chicken. I made this recipe today for
serving in this cocotte mold.  It is a small side-dish portion. If you would like to serve this
as a dinner, please multiply with 1.5 for 1 person.

Serves 1 in Le Creuset’s mini cocotte mold 
Pasta          55g
Chicken    30g  cut into small pieces
Onion        1/4 piece   thinly sliced
White wine       20cc
Heavy cream    100 cc
Butter               1 table spoon
Gorgonzola      30g
Panko              1/2 table spoon
Salt, pepper

1.  Cook pasta according to instructions.  Today I used a short pasta called
Casarecce Siciliane from Barilla. Takes 9 minutes to cook.

Turn on your oven, temp setting 220C.

Prepare the cocotte. Butter the inside of the cocotte mold.


2.  Heat a fry pan over medium heat, melt butter completely and add chicken.
Sautee chicken until the color changed and add onion. Sautee for 3-4 min.

3.  Add white wine.  Wait 1 minute and then add heavy cream.

4.  Turn down the heat to low. Crumble Gorgonzola cheese by hands and put it
in the cream sauce.  Stir well to melt the cheese in the sauce.

5.  When the pasta is cooked, add to the sauce. Salt and pepper to taste. (Maybe
salt is not necessary at all, it depends on how salty your gorgonzola cheese is)


6.  The quantity today will fill the cocotte mold completely.
Top with some panko and put it in the oven 220C for 7-minutes.

7.  Serve with some salad and a piece of bread.

8.  Bon Appetite!


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