Bento School will start from Oslo, Norway!


Yes it is true, I will start a bento school in April 2013!  It is fun to communicate
with you over internet, but it is also fun to meet you and make a bento together
in a real kitchen!  It starts from my town Oslo in Norway, it is spring and it is
a good time to start something new! I am also planning to do Bento School
in other cities in Europe this year, so stay tuned on my facebook!  At the class,
you will be making your own bento with me for 2 days and I will talk a lot and
show you how. You will see with your own eyes how I cook, cut, pack and deco! 

It will be a small group, as I do not intend to take a big group of people in my class
where people who are a bit shy can not say anything or can not see anything.
I would like to include EVERYONE who attend the class to experience
something new and have a good bento weekend.

Saturday April 21 and Sunday April 22.
Bento School in Oslo
Saturday April 21    
  12:00      Registration, a Japanese green tea meeting
  12:30      Bento School Day 1 starts
  15:00      Finish for Day 1

Sunday April 22      
  12:30     Bento School Day 2 starts
  15:00     Q & A,
  15:30     Finish

Place :  Will be informed by email to the participants.
Fee :  There will be a fee to cover the cost, between 250 to 300 NOK 
Child care : There will be no child care provided.

You will be making your own bento both on Saturday and
Sunday (You will make 2 bentos in total)  Please bring 1 bento box and
your accessories if you have them/like to use them.  Also a camera will
be a handy thing to bring, but I will also take a photo of your bento.:-) 

If you like to attend this Bento School please send an email to by March 15.



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