Edible bento cups


Hello! How are you?  🙂  Today’s subject is bento cups. Nowadays there are many kinds of bento cups, I have both silicon cups and aluminum foil cups in different sizes and colors. They are an effective divider in my bento box and the bright colors cheer me up in the morning. I use aluminum cups for very greasy type of food or food with strong smell (not so often I have it in my bento though) and it is convenient that I can just throw the used aluminum cups away. But I prefer silicon cups as they are so effective to keep your food in place. If you are commuting with trains or busses, I do recommend to use silicon cups.

The other day I was looking at a Japanese shopping website and saw they have now edible bento cups made of Nori (seaweed). NORI BENTO CUPS (you can jump to this site and look at the nori cups)  I thought it was a new kind of bento parts and I liked the idea of bento cups that we can EAT! It will be awhile until these great new bento invention will travel across the world and reach to my place in Norway, so I made a simple and easy bento cup in the same principle, a bento cup we can eat.

1. Use a piece of ham which is round, and cut out one small circle in the middle. Make a small opening just like you see on the picture. (It is like “C”)

2. Hold each end and cross to make a small bowl. You can adjust the size by the amount of the overlap. The bottom is open because it will stay better in a bento box, and it will be easier for you to eat it.

3. You can fill it with cold food. Today I made potato salad to fill my ham cup.

4. You can also cut a ham like this and have fun with a zigzag edge!

5. Here you go!

Have fun!

xx Rie
Bento Specialist
Bento & co


2 thoughts on “Edible bento cups

  1. Bonjour, merci pour comment! Yes please try this edible cup, it adds fun to your bento!
    I wish I could speak and write french more, but English is better for me. I will try my best
    in studying French though! Thank you for your comment. xxx Rie

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