The other day I woke up and felt unusually like eating Chukadon. I don’t know why but this was not new. Sometimes I wake up to an image of a particular food or a dish and it always comes from nowhere! The food can be anything, sometimes it is a freshly baked bread, sometimes it is a good looking Onigiri with my favorite grilled salmon. When the food is something I can’t make or difficult to get, it is sooooo hard. But luckily Chukadon is within my cooking reach,  I was ready to stir-fry at 7 o’clock in the morning!

But let’s stop here, maybe some of you don’t know what Chukadon is?

This is Chukadon~♪ It is a Japanese rice dish served in a bowl and stir-fried vegetables, meat, seafood etc. are waiting on top of the rice for you to dig in! The sauce can be salt/chicken broth-base clear soup or soy sauce-base dark soup, both are thickened by starch. It is not a dish you get at an elegant Japanese restaurant in Japan, it is rather an ordinary everybody’s dish.

Chukadon for 2-3 people

Bean sprout    100g
A small piece of chicken breast    1
Bamboo Shoot in a can       50g
Young corn         4
Large shrimps     3
Enoki mushroom       1 pack
Snow peas           8
Leek                    1
Hard boiled Quail eggs      4
Kanikama           4 sticks (break them into thin shreds)

*  Kanikama (Fake crab meat; Surimi) is not in the photo.
You can add other vegetables like carrot, chinese cabbage, brown mushrooms etc.

** Chinese chicken broth       400cc  (If you have Chinese chicken broth mix powder,
that is convenient. If you don’t have it, I will show you how to make it)

Sesame oil     2 tea spoons
Corn/potato starch dissolved in water (1:1)      3 table spoons
Salt and Pepper, Corn/Potato starch

– A –
Soy sauce      2.5 table spoons
Oyster sauce if you like it     1 tea spoon
Sugar        a pinch
Sake or Chinese cooking wine     1 table spoon


1.  Wash bean sprout well and drain.

2.  Mix -A-

3.  Clean shrimps and cut each shrimp into 2 pieces.
Wash them with salt water. Drain.
Cut chicken into small pieces. Put the chicken and
shrimp in a bowl together, put 1 table spoon of Sake or
Chinese cooking wine in the bowl. Mix well.  Add salt and pepper.

4.  Cut vegetables. Bamboo shoots are cut into matchsticks. You do not have to pre boil snow peas. Wash them well with water and cut. Enoki mushroom has brown end roots and you maybe have to trim them off.

5. Heat a pan on high heat . Add sesame oil. Add chicken and shrimps and stir-fry.

5.  When the chicken and shrimps have changed the colors, add bamboo shoots first,
then carrot and leek, young corn, snow peas. Enoki and Bean sprout can wait as they are
very fast to be cooked through. Continue your stir-fry!

6.   After you added Enoki and Bean sprouts and stir fry them , add Chicken broth.

7. Put a lid on to bring it to a boil.

8.  While you are waiting, make a slurry. We need about 3 table spoons of it. equal parts of corn
starch and cold water. Reduce the heat a little, add boiled quail eggs and Kanikama.
Stir up the slurry well before you add to the very hot (simmering) sauce in the pan.

9.  When the sauce is evenly thickened and covering all the ingredients, it is done!
Pour it on top of your rice!

or make a bento!

or you can cook some noodles and fry with sesame oil,

to make a delicious fried noodles with this sauce on top!

If you don’t have Chinese chicken soup mix powder, you can use the soup after you cooked the whole chicken with green onions and ginger slices. You can use the cooked chicken later as your dinner next day!

Bon Appetite!

xx Rie  🙂


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