Bento Contest part 2 – Oh, Man!


Out of 237 bentos 18 of them were from male participants and I think they all deserve a big hand. 

Good job, our male bento friends! ヽ(゚▽゚*)乂(*゚▽゚)ノ Well done!!

Although this bento world is currently a female-dominated society and this year’s male participation equals to less than 10% of the total participants, I am sure it will increase year by year if we ladies will not bully them too much. It puts a smile on our face when we imagine in our mind a man trying hard to make an onigiri with his big hands.

Borrowed from a Japanese site. Nice, huh?

I also have a great respect for you, male bento friends, and for your interest in something that is so dominated by women. You are trendy and not afraid! My own husband will never be able to do it. He has been surrounded by all kinds of bento goods in his own house for sometime but somehow his interest is not there. Even if he dares to try, I can see his desperate trials will only end up feeding Sandy (our dog) some extra food on the floor. Men are generally supposed to be very good at constructing and forming, yes I agree with that as all my favorite architects in the world are men. I wish I could ask my favorite architect Mr. Tadao Andoh in Osaka to make a Pikachu charaben one day. I am sure he will be very so precise to make the zigzag-shape tail and the black tips of the ears for a cute Pikachu. 🙂

But seriously, ladies, did you see the bentos from our opposite gender in the contest? I told you yesterday that the best looking onigiris for me in the whole contest were from a man called Steve. It was actually a big shock to me when I saw the photo of his bento. And I spoke aloud,

Oh, Man! 

Not only Steve, some of the bentos from our male friends are really good. I need to change my idea and take down the barriers as it looks like they have come into our favorite territory, namely colors.

This fantastic bento by Teruaki in Japan is a stunning example. He wrote good explanations
and maybe most of you did not read it as it was written in Japanese; 

旬の夏野菜カラフル弁当! 野菜中心でバランスよく、おにぎりも旬の素材で夏らしく、
蒸し野菜でボリュームアップ。 旬の夏野菜をカラフルに使い、ベーシックな和食を加え、

so I would very much like to give you a rough translation in English:
A colorful bento of the seasonal summer
vegetables! A well-balanced bento in nutrition, the main ingredients are vegetables.  Some seasonal ingredients in my onigiris and it makes us feel the season of summer. Steamed vegetables will fill you up. The colors of the summer vegetables are making this bento look like a box full of gem stones. 

Yeah, it does look like a box of gem stones!
Pay attention to all the details in his bento box. Can you see the care and work he has put into this bento? Look at his Tamagoyaki. It is definately a kind we should all like to learn. I specially liked very much the stack of 5 different round vegetables. As he wrote, he is obviously a very sensitive person toward seasons, seasonal food, colors and health. His sensitivity toward colors makes me wonder if he is a graphic designer with a big Apple computer. If he does looks like George Clooney, I should book a meeting. 🙂 

The following bentos are also made by our male bento friends and I think they specially look appetizing 🙂 

 Very colorful and appetizing. I really liked the way he put Tamagoyaki in between
 his onigiris in one tier. He must be another graphic person, the sketch of the
 bento was in the photo and it made the photo very original!
Very nicely shaped triangle onigiris. I like his Okazu part as well, very yummy looking
and this Chicken Katsu is very good looking. I think deep fried meat/fish go very
well with Onigiri. Well done, Skander!

 This bento is not from the contest but I saw it the other day on Bento&co’s
 facebook page. He is the one with the big Apple computer!  
A very impressive and yummy looking bento. See the pink tiny 
flowers  on his rice?  We should ask him to sell that to us,
as this is the President’s bento! 🙂  

 Continue to Part 3 and that is the last one.

 Have a good day, everyone.

 xxx  Rie


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