Food Art in Bento Box 2


Food Art in Bento Box No.2 “Onigiri Family at Sushi Restaurant”
Food Art No.1 is here

Well, this is my second time I challenge Food Art. It was a Saturday morning and I had some free hours to spare, so I decided to make this. This time I wanted to make something very very very tiny to see how I can handle it. There are some artists in Japan who draw on a tiny rice grain (!) and I always thought “How in the world do they do that!???”  I can’t draw on a rice grain but I can make something as tiny as that, I thought.  Then, what do you make so tiny? I thought about flowers and leaves and all, but ended up some sushi pieces. I thought you would like that as you always show me your great LOVE toward the tiny bit of Japanese rice with raw fish on top. So, this is for you who love sushi and Japanese food, and a little bit of sense of humor. 

This Onigiri family consists of papa, mama and a son. They went to one of the sushi restaurants where they have a conveyor belt that carry sushi around the restaurant. Have you been there?  The sushi are placed on a plate and has a cover. The plates have different colors and that work like a price tag. You take what you want, and you pay for what it costs. Clear and easy, and here we go.  The onigiri boy is innocent, he is still too young to understand the balance between gastronomic satisfaction and cost performance ^^ and took the most expensive plate, which is Fatty Tuna Belly (トロ). That upsets the father, that shocks the mother, but the son was sooooo happy!!!

Words are not necessary here I think, as the photos are self-explanatory. So, I hope you just enjoy looking at these photos I took while I was making this Food Art in Bento Box 2.

xx  Rie

It is Crouton for salad

Liked it?
Hope so!

Have a good summer!


4 thoughts on “Food Art in Bento Box 2

  1. Dear Shirley, I am sorry for my delayed reply.
    Is it you Shirley who made the great
    bento for the contest?
    I am sorry if I am mistaken, but if it
    is so, congratulations! Your bento is great!

    I am glad you liked the Onigiri family.
    I am glad you like this tiny world like
    I do. Thanks for your comment Shirley.



  2. Thank you Blandina,
    I am glad to hear your comment.
    I enjoy making it too and I am so
    happy to know there is someone like
    you who enjoy looking at it.



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