Graduation Bento by Xia


Since I started my facebook page of bento and cooking, I have met many people from all over the world who share the same interest. Internet has changed the world tremendously, but to me it has been the best tool to reach out to the people far away from where I am. Whatever the common interest is, it is fun to meet people who share the same interest.  Don’t you agree? But when it comes to this Japanese Bento, I am still amazed that people from all over the world can share the interest together, which was probably unthinkable some years back. This we owe a lot to Bento & co’s hard work and the development of our communication technology. Xia is also one of us with passion for bento. She is living in Romania where I have not had a chance to visit yet, and here comes a bento from Romania! I am feeling really Bento has spread to the world…..

* Well matching cloth with the boxes! and food!

Xia writes : Hello Rie-san! Thank you again for your great teaching, I totally loved your bento beginners course! As for my graduation bento it has two parts: gohan – white rice with a piece of pickled red long pepper in the middle (since I didn’t have an umeboshi here) and a few shreds of black olive (as for the sesame black seeds – I only found white sesame seeds at the nearby market). The okazu part has the two types of proteins: the tamagoyaki and the egg and flour coated soy proteins since I’m vegetarian ; the vegetables: for red – cherry tomatoes, yellow and orange – corn and carrot, green – cabbage, green peas and cucumber. It was fun making it and I’m looking forward for your comments and advices so I can improve it! Thank you again and wish you a very nice day:) Xia

Xia is a vegetarian bento maker and she knows Japanese food very well.  Not only Japanese food, I think she knows Japanese language and politeness too. She always gave me her thanks and comment after lesson, it was so encouraging for me to read how much she enjoyed my lessons. So I thank Xia for her support and encouragement through our course. By reading her description of her graduation bento, I really see she has put all the lessons I gave her into these two boxes and I am glad to see her result as it is very pretty.  I was so impressed by her color coordination, red is giving good accent and I also like how she used the color of orange in the okazu box (to the left). I was so sure that she put an Umeboshi on her rice but it wasn’t!! We who live outside Japan do not always get hold of Japanese ingredients and need to improvise often with substitute. It is up to you if you look at it negatively or positively, but I take it positively as a chance to experiment and create your “version” of the thing. I think Xia is good at that. Being a vegetarian is not always easy to assemble bento of 2 full boxes. But here she has a variety; egg and soy proteins are the two kinds of proteins (we did this in our lesson) and the colorful vegetables. Look at the details like how she placed the cucumber slices and green peas!

Dear Xia,

Thank you so much for your graduation bento and let me say thank you for your support through the course. You are a very diligent and polite student and it was all so inspiring to think of you making a Japanese bento in Romania. Your graduation bento shows me that you really followed my lessons and put what you got out of the lessons in to these boxes. I can see it very well. You put 2 kinds of protains, which we did in one lesson, and the color coordination, which we did another lesson. Being a vegetarian must be sometimes difficult to compose a bento of 2 full boxes. I may have given too many meat recipes in my lessons and I apologize for that Xia. But I see you are so talented in improvising and making your version of things, which is great! We outside Japan do not always get Japanese ingredients and it is up to us whether we take it negatively or positively. But a person like you who positively create a substitute is so inspiring. I may have a too fixed image of what Umeboshi should be and I may be too stereotype, so Thank you for your inspiration!

I liked the way you coordinate the color, the cucumber slices and green peas are so nicely placed. The green peas look like green pearls here! Your tamagoyaki looks so soft, somehow your photo is sending the message of even the texture of your tamagoyaki… ummmm… I am hungry for Tamagoyaki now!

If you are entering in the contest, here is a little advise to the use of the cloth. It is so cute and matching with your bento box and the color theme of your food! But do you see a white space above your okazu box? If you had moved the two boxes up there and show a little bit less cloth in your photo, you can maybe attract viewers’ eyes more to your bento. Even the cute pattern of your cloth is not fully shown on your photo, we can still rely on viewers’ imagination. 

Anyway, thank you for following the course and congratulations, Xia!!
I wish you a happy bento life and many many interesting experiences with bento for you!!
Here is your diploma.  Talk to you soon!,



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