Paupiette de Porc


Sometimes I give myself a chance to make french food. Of course, the french cuisine is deep in its history and demanding in its techniques I should not say so easily that I can make french food. Rather, I ought to be honest and say I prepare food according to recipes from France and the number of the dishes I can manage is quite limited.  But I enjoy looking at my cooking books for french food and french pastry a lot.  It is very interesting to follow how the variety of techniques of cutting, mixing, preparing and heating are all being woven together in one recipe and the terms of french cooking and cake making all sound very elegant.  I can’t speak french nor understand the wine and cheese so much, but I know a lot of names of french cooking techniques. Macédoin is a cutting techniuque to cut into 1cm x 1cm cube, julienne, blanchir, flamber, emincer.. they are all french cooking terms, and I feel so elegant when I mix these french terms when I explain the recipes in other languages.

So, here is one recipe which I really recommend. It is called Paupiette de Porc. Paupiette is a cooking method, it should be translated into english as “rolled” or “stuffed and rolled”, and widely used to cook beef, chicken, veal, lamb and even fish.

Ingredients : serves 4

Dries fruits (Apricot, black current, cranberry, apple etc.)  200g
Sugar  1 tea spoon
Pork tenderloin 1
Salt, pepper, flour
Olive oil
Fresh rosemary or your favorite herb
Madeira wine
Valsamico vinegar

1. Put the dried fruits in a pan, add hot water until it covers the fruit and
leave it for 30 minutes. Add sugar and cook it over medium heat until
the fruits are tender and moist. Take off from the heat and cool.

2. Put the pork tenderloin on a cutting board, pat with a kitchen paper
towel to dry and trim the silver skin off.  Silver skin is a white membrance
on a pork tenderloin. It is recommended to remove it otherwise the loin
will shrink and toughen when heated. Here is a youtube video showing you
how you should remove the silver skin.

3. Then cut and flatten out the pork tenderloin. I found a youtube video showing how to do it.  His explanation is very clear! Maybe should invest in a good knife?

4.  Take 2/3 of the dried and cooked fruits from the juice ( we use the rest      of the fruits and the juice for the sauce) and squeeze out water. Place the meat on your cutting board with one long side close to where you are standing and sprinkle salt and pepper on both sides of the meat. Place the dried and cooked fruits on the meat but leave out 2 cm from the top and the bottom sides. Roll it from the side closest to you carefully enclosing the small fruits in the meat (use your fingers!).  Tie with kitchen twine and coat with flour.

5.  Heat a frying pan, pour olive oil and a little piece of butter if you like. Keep the medium high heat. When the oil is heated, place the meat on the pan.  If you have some fresh herb in your garden, you can add that onto the meat.

6.  Use a pair of tongs to turn them constantly until golden brown. When it is cooked, pour some Madeira wine in and bring the heat to high. Cover with a lid and steam with the Madeira wine for 2 minutes.

7.    Take out the meat.  Keep the same pan on the heat, pour the juice        from cooking the dried fruits in, season with salt, pepper, valsamico vinegar.   Cut the remaining dried fruits in Macédoin and add. Cook together for 3 minutes,

8.    Cut the meat into a slice and serve with sauce. Bon Appetit!

xx  Rie


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