Food Art in Bento Box 1


Food Art in Bento Box No.1 “Women’s Fashion”
I grew up with my grand parents in Japan and my grand mother had several jobs. She run a flower shop during the day
and she was a flower arrangement teacher in the afternoon and a professional kimono tailor in the evening.
She was a hard working woman. I was her little assistant until I was 12 years old. My grand mother used to ask me to
come along to the morning flower auction at the market. Many flower shop owners were gathered in the early morning
hours and we were all surrounded by multiple colors and shapes of flowers.  

Colors are quite something. If you are a parent, I sincerely recommend you to let your child(ren) experience as
many colors as possible at their early age. You can take them to a good museum or to a mountain hike, but on daily
basis we can show them the beautiful natural colors through food. Yes, bento is also a good learning platform.
And this exhibition called Food Art is also a fun way to show us the different colors.

Lately I have been enjoying Food Art works on Internet. They are so amazing!!! The way they use natural food
colors and shapes is so educational for us who try to make creative bentos and I think there is a lot to learn
from Food Art.  So I tried for the first time today!!What I need is a pair of scissors and a good craft knife.

And a bento box.  Then I think… What theme shall I use? I did not have any specific idea, but thought it might be fun to
make a pair of shoes with food.  I started to sketch a plan for a pair of shoes….but ended up with a larger scale of theme.

The first Food Art of mine will be titled “Women’s Fashion”!!!

Here are some photos I took under making it. The major ingredient today is a piece of bread.

I was very happy when I found a piece of cabbage stem could be used as eye shadowed eye lid. The eye lashes made of
konbu are dark and thick, it made me wish to have them on my eyes as well. ^^

My daughter said the finger looked too real, but I was satisfied with the gloss light on her red manicured nail.
The handbag is made of bread crust (the brown part) and a piece of lemon peel. The green part is made of
a tiny piece of rolled lettuce leaf. The bag handle is made of a cabbage stem.

In background I used a mixture of brown sugar and sugar crystals, which are so flexible to form any
supportive backbones to help the items stay in place.  Creativity and imagination will not stop you from
making these Food Art. Won’t you like to try??

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Food Art in Bento Box 1

  1. Thank you Blandina!! I will try to
    produce “Men's Fashion” soon and I
    hope you will enjoy that too!
    Thank you!!

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