New Arrival, New Project


I ordered new bento boxes from our Bento&co. and they arrived today!!
Maybe Bento&co should change their name to “Santa Claus” or ”Père Noël” as everytime
their package arrives I feel like a child who got so excited to open a Christmas present.  I know what I
have ordered but I have never taken them in my hand yet and finally the time has come to
see them ^^  and that is an exciting part of Internet shopping. Do you agree? I am so impatient
and am almost tearing the box apart. Just like a child tearing the Christmas wrapping paper.

First thing that greeted me in the box was a new Furoshiki!  Yay! The color was exactly what I thought.
I like Bento&co’s furoshiki as they are bright and quite photogenic. To a person like me who take photos

of bento everyday I need something that helps my photographs in colors and contrast. Hmmm,
I took it in my hand and they are of good quality and very light. That is what I needed. Very happy.

This time I ordered 6 bento boxes.  It became a big shopping because I got so interested in Bento&co’s
release of spare parts and incomplete bento boxes. I spent many hours looking at them thinking
what I can do with them. As you know by now, I am a very curious person. ^^

These two boxes are called Deli. I bought 2 single tiers to make a pair.

One in royal blue and one in red. I first saw this royal blue one and got interested as
we do not see so often this color in bento box.  So I sent an email to them asking about
it and found out that they had a red one too! Hmmm… why not. They do not have outer lid,
but that is ok. That is OK because I am making the lid myself. It will be my new project:
MAKING BENTO LIDS! Call me Hakoya Rie from Japan. ^^

Inside of the Deli box looks like this. I don’t know why they have these lines, but I will try to find out as I use it and will keep you informed.

Then, this one is called Mini Bento.

It was in the spare parts section but it was a complete set. It is a small bento box of 450 ml in total.
It is a bit too small box for me, but I got an idea of using this surface and the white color.

Soon you will see what I am going to do with this. I bought some material to change this surface,

and the material also arrived today from London. Want to know what it is? Soon you will see.


A very new challenge in this order is this box. It is called Zen 01. I call this box “Desperado”
as it looks like he is a lonewolf in my bento box corner. He looks like he is not having fun with my
rabbit box  or Lion onigiri family.  He is a cool guy of stainless steel.

The total volume is 670 ml. Made of stainless steel. I bought him because he is a metal.
Summer is coming and I needed a metal box to give my bento good cooling/freezing effect.
Plastic box can of course be OK but metal cools faster. So, please welcome this cool guy.

Then, here is the cute part of this order. Chopper~ in pink! ^^

I am not particularly a “One Piece” fan, but liked this baby pink color. These are very adorable boxes.
It is a set of 4 boxes. They go into each other like the famous Matryoshka doll. When you
find these Matryoshka-type boxes, pay attention to the size of the biggest box! Sometimes
it is a very unique size. It is often very deep because of the nesting character of the boxes.

It will be interesting!!


This is the tumbler I was talking about. Finally it came to me.
Thanks to Mathilde who gave me good advice about this tumbler, I will be able to
make soup bentos!! This tumbler consists of several parts. I have to take them apart to see.

I open the lid, close the lid, fold the spoon, place the inner cap on and off. Checking, checking!

Everything works fine!!


So, my dear readers, these are the new additions to my bento box collection.

Please welcome and wish them good luck.  I do not know how many bento boxes I have
now. I will try to count them for you  …  when my husband is gone ^^   He won’t complain
about my bento hobby as he is a cool guy.

He is a cool guy, but not made of metal. For your information!

Thanks for reading! xx Rie

I appreciate your thoughts and comments on these new boxes. Write it on my Facebook page or here. Merci!


One thought on “New Arrival, New Project

  1. Hello Rie. Ceux que tu as en rouge et bleu j'ai le rose et noir. Ils sont juste parfaits je trouve. Et ton mini blanc il a l'air trop kawai… Moi j'en ai encore que je n'ai jamais utilisé…grrrrrr Allez au bento… Gros bisous

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