Strawberry Cake


YouTube video is available

(Sorry for the music.. they don’t have much selection for a long video like this…)

Eggs     4 (room-temperatured)
Flour    90g
Baking powder 1 tea spoon
Sugar   90g (45g x2)
Salad oil   1.5 table spoons
Vanilla essence
Salt or Cream of tartar

Cream (for cake decoration)    330 cc
Vanilla sugar   30g
Strawberries   about 30



A. Line your cake mold with waxed paper.

B. Sift flour and baking powder together twice. If your flour is very
compact and dense, do it three times.

C. Separate eggs. Put the egg yolks in your fridge.

D. Heat the oven to 175C.


1.  Beat egg whites with an electric hand mixer. If your mixer has
different speed levels, start on a low speed. Beat about 30 seconds.
When the egg whites become frothy, add a tiny bit of salt or cream of
tartar. Go up the speed level by one and beat another 30 seconds and
add sugar (45g). Add a table spoon or two at a time. Beat to bring the
egg whites to stiff peak. (please refer to the YouTube video to see the
stiff peak stage)  Put the egg whites in the fridge.

2.  Whisk together egg yolks and sugar (45g) until the sugar has dissolved
and the mixture is thick and pale yellow. Add salad oil and mix well.

3.  Mix 1/4 of egg whites into the egg yolks. Mix lightly. Add another 1/4
egg whites and mix. Add flour and baking powder in.
Add the whole thing into the remaining (1/2) egg whites. Mix strongly but
not kneading, lightly but throughly. Do it very quick. (please refer to the
YouTube video for this)

4.  Pour the cake batter into the mold. Bake in the oven, 175C for 15 minutes.

5.  Insert a cake tester to see if the cake is finished. If the cake tester
comes clean, it is finished.

6.  Cool the cake on a wrack.

7.  Put a wet kitchen towel on the kitchen counter and put a revolving
cake stand on it. (If you don’t have a revolving stand, use a large flat
plate) Cut the cake into 2 layers.

8.  Whip cream with vanilla sugar. (In the YouTube video my cream is
a bit too hard. I whipped it a little too much. The cream to spread on the
cake should be softer and more runny than this) Spread the cream on the
bottom layer. Put slices of strawberries. Spread some cream on them
before you place the top layer on.

9.  Using the revolving cake stand and a cake decorating knife you can
decorate your cake as you like!! I cut large strawberries to decorate
the top of the cake. (Please refer to the YouTube video)


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