Review 2 – Kids Bento

No. 24

Review 2 Kids Bento
from Bento&co

Spec 13 cm in diameter (5″) x 13.8 cm x 4.5cm ( 1,7″).
Total volume  320 ml
Design   Dog or Bear (Mine is Bear)

My review in one word : “3D bento for your kids!” ^^

When I saw this cute little bento box and saw the name “Kids Bento”, it brought me back to the time when I made a bento for my daughter every morning. At that time, her bento box with Hello Kitty on the lid was the fancy one but the lid was not raised so all the things I decorated with sometimes stuck on the back of the lid. My daughter likes Omuraisu and it was pity to see the pretty decoration on her omuraisu would not be there when she opened the box. But more than 10 years have passed and look at this box! The shape of the box is perfect for Omuraisu and the lid is raised and there is a space for ketchup decoration !!

What is so fun about this bento box is the lid. I like Japanese bento box as their rubber packning is of a totally different quality from what I get in my country.  The rubber packnings from Japan are usually very tight and fit precisely to the size of the box and the lid. The rubber stretches as you know, and as the time passes by things get tired and worn out, but I really like Japanese rubber packnings around bento lids.  Anyway, when I saw this lid, I thought of making a 3D bento for kids. As you have a cute little bear on only one side of the lid and the other side is just transparent and you can see through, I made another little bear with a piece of tonkatsu.

As the lid is raised, it will not press and smoosh the decoration.

And your kids will be excited to see 2 bears in 3 D dimentions in their bento box!! Yeah! But if you do not have time to do this, just use your cookie cutter that fits in the transparent part. Cut some cheese or something.

And you can just put it on and decorate the cheese bear !

Put the lid on and your kid’s 3D bento is ready to go!

Have a nice lunch, kids!!


February 16, 2012


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