Konjac – Konnyaku


This is Konnyaku. Have you ever seen it before?
Konnyaku is a very common food in Japan. It looks like a jelly, but it is not sweet. It is a natural food, rich in fiber and is a non calorie food. The fibers in Konnyaku is very difficult for us to digest and we usually say “konnyaku cleans out your stomach”. Konnyaku and Shirataka are very well known diet food in Japan. Shirataki looks like thin noodles but it is a noodle-version of Konnyaku.

Today we are going to make Konnyaku with Cod Fish Roe in Konbu dashi.
My mom makes this in winter time and people in my home town make this often. After you open the bag and take Konnyaku out, rinse it with cold water..
Then put a teaspoon of salt on the Konnyaku and rub it well for 2 minutes.
Pour some boiling water over the Konnyaku and wash the salt away.

Slice into 12 slices and cut a slit in the middle.

Don’t cut the Konnyaku in half! Here you need to leave both ends on top and bottom intact. (Please see the photo)  This decorative cut is called Tazuna and we do it with Konnyaku)  As the one end will go through the open slit, don’t cut the slit too deep.

Fold it and pass one end through the slit. Do it gently, Konnyaku is rich in fiber and it can break if you push too hard.

Do you see it? One end is now going through the opening in the middle of Konnyaku.

See? It looks like a twisted rope.

Here you go, all of the slices are now decorated and twisted!

In a small pan, put 100 cc dashi, 50cc sake, 2 table spoons of sugar, 3 table spoons of soy sauce, 2 table spoon of mirin and bring it to boil. Put Konnyaku in and cook for 10 min.

I added some konbu and fresh cod fish roe in it. When konbu is tender and cod fish roe is well cooked, it is done!


One thought on “Konjac – Konnyaku

  1. I have a Konjac sponge to remove makeup frome my face! XD

    I've never tried Konyakku, how does it taste?
    I only know that sweets called “konyakku jelly” are forbiden in Europe.

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