Miso vinaigrette – Chou de Bruxelles


Do you like Brussels Sprouts?
I could not eat Brussels Sprouts for a long time. We didn’t have this vegetable when I was a child and it is still a new kind of vegetable for me. But one day I had it at a very good Japanese restaurant in Tokyo and it changed the whole thing!! It was good. VERY GOOD! The Brussels Sprouts they served were completely different thing, and I realized the Brussels Sprouts I have been eating were all overcooked.

Fresh Brussels Sprouts can be easily overcooked, so we use frozen ones.

Boil some water, add some salt and cook these frozen Brussels Sprouts for 2 minutes. Big ones are maybe still frozen inside, so if you have put a bunch of different sized Brussels Sprouts you need to pick the small ones up from the boiling water before the big ones are done. Just DON’T OVERCOOK THEM!! Drain well and squeeze out water.

Miso vinaigrette

 For the 12 frozen Brussels Sprouts, mix the following very well.
1.5 teaspoons of miso
1.5 teaspoon of sugar
1.5-2 Rice Vinegar

You can coat the Brussels Sprouts with the vinaigrette or

you can serve like this. It will be a tasty dish for Bento, too!




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