Bento Beginners Course


Need a little push on your back to begin?

A Bento beginners course starts!

The course is intended to people who think themselves as bento beginners. (No Kyaraben this time) The course will be given from February 20, 2012 over 6-7 weeks at a closed web site to those who register. How often I can give the course per week will be probably once or twice. I will see how it goes. Please pick one bento box you like to use.

Registration :
Please send an email to with the following info.
-Your first name
-The city where you live
-Please tell me about your bento box you chose. Shape, volume, tier etc.
If you have bought it from Bento&co, you can tell me only the name.
-Are you vegetarian?

These info will be useful for me when I make the plan and menu for the course.
And I will give you more info about the course to you by email.
The course is of course free of charge. (But you need to have a PC/Mac)

The dead line for sign up is on Friday February 18.

Thank you! and I hope you can join!!



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