Review 1 – Hana Lunch Bowl

Review 1  Hana Lunch Bowl
from Bento&co

Hana Lunch Bowl

Spec  134×148×92mm
Total volume 700 ml   (upper 280 ml, Bowl part 420 ml)

Color Pink, Orange, Green, Blue and Black

My review in one word : ” I want another one!” ^^

You may have noticed already, it is very seldom I use a round bento box. It is because I always thought a round bento box is a tough one. It is also partly because I have been so used to use square/rectangle boxes.. but I decided to challenge a round box as well. But then, hmmm, what shall I put? After thinking about it for a couple of days I decided to put noodle and donburi dish, specifically Tempura Udon and Tendon!And that made it easy to decide the color! ORANGE!! to match with my tempura shrimp and cute little pieces of carrot. My imagination was going around in my head. ^^

The size was good, as I generally like bento boxes of 640-800 ml. It is not too small and it is not too big either. It is an ideal size for me both to eat and to make food for. (I do not have time to make a huge bento in the morning nor I have no chance to go out  and buy some more food to fill me up after eating a small bento)  Maybe it will be too small for men but then you can add some snack bars or fruits/cookies to this lunch. Even an instant cup soup will fill you up! I cooked 1 bunch of dried udon noodle and all of it went into the bowl part. (See how I put the noodles in) 

And the upper section is also good, it has nearly a capacity of 300 ml and, in reality and practically, it has probably more capacity as the lid is a sort of domed shape and we get extra height and room.  My tempura shrimps and long green beans went in perfectly. Also I deep fried a large onion ring and it all fited fine.

The lid is on! and the food is not pressed down and ruined.

I recommend this Hana Lunch Bowl to those who like noodle, salad or donburi dishes for lunch.Not so suitable for Kyaraben or soup lunch in my opinion. And for bento beginners, I hope you use a square box as well as this one so that you can see the difference of the two boxes and you will enjoy having something very different to change to. It will give you good practice and lessons! Next time I would like to try a salad lunch in this Hana Lunch Bowl. I will put some green salad in the bowl part and steamed chicken, dried cranberries, apples, cashew nuts and green beans in the top part! Ummmm…. I am hungry!


February 11, 2012


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