Pork Meatballs with Japanese ginger sauce



This recipe comes from a Japanese cooking magazine called “Orange Page”. It is a popular cooking magazine in Japan and I think this magazine provides many easy and good recipes for dinner dishes. Looking at Japanese cooking magazines is fun, but sometimes it is so stressful for me as I find most of the necessary ingredients are not available for me in Oslo. We have one small Japanese grocery store in Oslo and some Oriental food stores that sell fresh vegetables aircargoed from Thailand, but still the selection and availability is very limited. So, when I come across a recipe which tastes good and also does not require any impossible ingredients for me, I am very happy. This recipe is one of them. I always try the recipe before I give it to you, and here I can say with confidence, it tastes good! I write the recipe both in English and in Japanese today.

Pork minced meat    400g
Carrot          1/2
Spring onion    1
Egg              1
Flour            2 table spoons

Ginger sauce
Juice from fresh grated ginger   2 table spoons
Dashi     1/2 cup
Vinegar        4 table spoons
Tomato Ketchup    2 table spoons
Sugar           2 table spoons
Salt           2/3 tea spoon


1.  Make Ginger sauce. Mix all the ingredients for the sauce in a bowl.

2.  Peel the carrot. Cut spring onion into small pieces.

3.  Make meat balls.  Put the minced meat in a bowl. Grate the carrot. Add flour and egg.


Mix all together with your hand and mix it all well. Divide it into 12 small balls.

Deep fry for about 5 minutes. (Medium-heat oil)  I fried onion and green beans as well. You do not need to coat them with flour. Just throw them into the oil!  Drain excess oil well on a wrack or on kitchen paper. Arrange some more vegetables under the meat balls. Here I steamed some chinese cabbage and bean sprouts in a steamer.
Pour the sauce over the meat balls and vegetables. And, Bon Appetit!
I made a bento with 2 of the meat balls the next day!  Pooh-san Bento with meat balls!!










豚ひき肉 400g
にんじんのすりおろし 2分の1本分
ねぎ(わけぎ) 1本
卵 1個
小麦粉  大さじ2

ショウガ汁  大2
だし汁   100cc
酢  大さじ4
トマトケチャップ、砂糖  各大さじ2
塩  小3分の2
サラダ油  適宜








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