AdBento Abento Project


AdBento Project 2011

It is Advent season! We are waiting for Christmas and we will be waiting with our
beloved bentos! Yay! Advent (Avent in french) and bento became together the word
“AdBento (ABento)” this year and we take turn to present a bento a day during this
season. I have decided that we have no theme this year (as this is the first time) for AdBento bentos, but if you can put something red in your bento it is nice! Red is the color for Christmas. It can be anything, like tomato, red pepper or red ANYTHING!! It can be a red pick or red bento box, red furoshiki also! 
These people have signed up for AdBento project. Thank you so much!!

AdBento 2011

Dec 1 (Thursday)        Rie
Dec 2 (Friday)            Sophie
Dec 4 (Sunday)          Brandy
Dec 6 (Tuesday)         Caroline P.
Dec 7 (Wednesday)     Fukazawa-san
Dec 9 (Friday)            Rie
Dec 11 (Sunday)        (Brandy)
Dec 12 (Monday)        Marie-laure
Dec 13 (Tuesday)   Fukazawa san
Dec 14 (Wednesday)  Lalla
Dec 15 (Thursday)      Eve
Dec 17 (Saturday)      Virginie (Birthday)
Dec 18 (Sunday)        Mag
Dec 19 (Monday)        Caroline M
Dec 20 (Tuesday)       Little Doyle
Dec 21 (Wednesday)   Lalla
Dec 22 (Thursday)     Sophie
Dec 23 (Friday)        Virginie

I am looking forward to AdBento season with you!!! 



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