Merci pour 100 "J’aime" – Une soirée japonaise


Today, October 26, I celebrate the 100 LIKES on my facebook page. Yay! Thank you everyone!
I was thinking of doing something special to celebrate and one of my followers, Virginie in Canada suggested a special dedicated bento! Oh, yeah! it is a good idea! I would like to
make this a special occasion, just like hosting a Japanese dinner party for all of you to
thank you. Thank you everyone, you are now invited to a japanese evening and to my bento.

Since this is a special occasion, I will open this box…..

What is it??? This box has something very special for me in it.
Can you guess? It is square, it is rather heavy, it is….

It is Jyubako. This Jyubako was a gift from my mother when I got married.
I come from a place where they make good Japanese lacquer wares. This Jyubako
was also made by the local lacquer craftman in my home town.

The inside is painted with red lacquer and it has lot of pretty decorations on the lid
and the side of the boxes. Gold, silver, red and orange, it is very pretty to look at. 🙂
So I would like to make a bento for you in it! ^^ Are you hungry? This Jyubako consists of 3 tiers,

You can assemble the tiers as you like, you can enjoy making different patterns by changing the order of the tiers. You can also use only one tier and put the lid on. Jyubako is a very creative and decorative bento box, it is very elegant and still very practical.

Only thing you need to take care of is that lacquer wares do not like to be wet.
It can be scratched easily by metal or hard plastic object, so we use things that
are made by wood or we put a porcelain plate to prevent water or sauce will mark
stains on the surface of the lacquer.

Today I am using a bamboo mat.

This is a tiny sushi maki mat. I use this sometimes as a decoration mat in Jyubako
or Shokado Bento box. It is a flat mat but you can form it as you like. Here I have
made it like this, a sort of a partition, or a fence if you like to call it, to place
between different food in the box, like this!

We use a special pair of chopsticks today!
The Kanji character in gold here means “Happiness”. On special happy occasions in Japan
we use this kind of chopsticks in pretty decorated chopsticks bag.

This bag is made of paper and has an emboss decoration.

So, we set a table with this chopsticks… and what shall we drink?
Do you like Japanese sake? A nice warm sake?

To entertain you, I will pour warm sake in your cup just like Geisha girls do.

Excuse me, if you liked a young geisha girl! ^^ But just drink it up, drink many
cups up, then you won’t know anymore! ^^ Ha ha

Today’s menu is… Shabu Shabu Salad, I am peeling a cucumber here.

Some spicy shrimps on stick, I am pouring soya sauce here.

and many more goodies to go in my Jyubako bento box! It is ready now!

Do you want to see the inside???? OK, you can open it!

Welcome to my bento world.
Thank you for your patronage.
I hope you enjoy my food I make.
Thank you for the 100 LIKES!

I hope you will continue to follow my bento and cooking world!
Merci beaucoup! et bon appétit!

Rie (^o^)/


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