Wedding cake bento -gâteau de mariage bento-


Next week I am going to make a special bento to someone I know, she is getting married soon. I thought about making a wedding cake for her and the cake is made of rice. I have seen cakes made of rice and vegetables in Japan, specially at around Hinamatsuri season. Hinamatsuri is a girl’s festival day in Japan, on March 3 exactly and some local places have it on April 3. We usually decorate our house with special dolls called Hina dolls for this occasion once a year and we eat chirashisushi. It is the time for peach flowers and it is pink or pale orange. Since the festival is for girls, we usually use very girly colors. (Boy’s festival is in May, May 5)

The wedding cake has three layers and I used these three molds today. They are really for making cakes but they work as well.

When I go to Japan next time, I would like to buy a different mold just like this!

Isn’t it cute? You get eight petal shapes and if you cut the whole cake into 4, each piece will be shaped like a heart! Cute! Here are three layers of rice. The rice was cooked with slightly more water so that it is soft and sticky. I have seasoned the rice with Sushi vinegar as well.

You need to make the very bottom layer very firm as it will have to support the two layers on top and it is a bit heavy. If the bottom layer is not solid and firm, it will crack. So be careful.

Then you can decorate in anyway you wish. Today I had a color theme of orange and green and yellow, but red or pink can be very pretty. I am thinking what kind of food is red or pink??? and I have not come to any good answer. If you have any idea, let me know please!!!

I use tweezers to put small things on the cake. I made ribbons with thin egg omlet, you can see them around each layer. Mayonnaise on the back of egg omlet will work fine as glue. I cut it with craft scissors but they have a special cutter like this!

Maybe Bento&Co. will sell it for us??? I hope so! It will be very useful to decorate a lot of other things as well.

I made egg flowers using the same method as ham flowers. I could have decorated more, but this was just a demo to see how things will work. My pink version or red version will come later and I hope you can tell me what you think.

This is a version in bento box.

Thank you!



2 thoughts on “Wedding cake bento -gâteau de mariage bento-

  1. REd food?? Cherry tomato, bell peppers, umeboshi, berries
    Pink? Ham
    Green : You have a lot of greens available (peas, snow peas, brocolis, french beans, lettuce, spinach…)

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