Décoration d’œufs cuits


Today we will do a new way to decorate a cooked egg!
What you need is :
1 hard boiled egg, cooled and peeled
1 toothpick
30 cm nylon thread
1 small glass
1 small cup

You can cut with a sharp knife but sometimes egg yolk is difficult to cut
with a knife. If the blade is not thin enough, the egg yolk will not be
clean cut. There is a better way for this. Use a thin thread of nylon.

I hope you get hold of a japanese toothpick somewhere. Your japanese grocery store
or Japanese restaurant may have japanese toothpick? (I will ask Bento&Co..)
The reason why it is suitable is :

It grips the thread in the gap on the top. If the toothpick does not have
a gap like this, you need to tie the thread very very tight, otherwise it
will fall off very easily.

Push in the toothpick, head first, til you hit the core center of the egg.
You just have to guess. Don’t worry, just try and you will just have to try and
learn from the experiences.

If you think your toothpick head is in the middle of the egg, you pull the
end of the thread toward you straight, then you try to draw a zikzak pattern
around the egg with the thread. Pay attention to the height of the peaks.
They need to be at the same level!

Then separate the top part from the bottom part carefully. You can put the bottom
part in the small glass (I am using a liqueur glass) and the top part in a small
cup (This is a cup for cough medicine). It is helpful to have some kind of support
to work on the egg. If your glass is too wide or too big for the egg, you can fill
the space with salt. Remember to shake off salt before you eat it!!

Left : Top part of the egg. I have taken out the egg yolk and mixed with mayonnaise
and mustard. Garnished with some cooked young corn and bits of carrot and basil
Right : Bottom part of the egg. I have just decorate with carrots and mustard.

Your bento can be delighted and decorated with pretty cooked egg!


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