Les Biscuit


                                           Here comes Rie’s recipe for cookies.

I did not know people call it “Biscuits” in France and I learnt something new!
I hope you understand whatit is when I am saying “cookies”, it is “buscuits” for you.
I have always loved making cookies since I was a child. My mom was a cook and we had
a large gas oven made in American in my house. At that time in Japan, not so many people
had a gas oven we made many cakes and cookies at home. I have a sister, she is
4 years older then me, and we just loved to bake. It is a nice memory.

This recipe is for about 60 cookies. And we make white (vanilla) and black (chocolate) dough.


1. White Vanilla Dough
120g Flour (de farine de blé ordinaire tamisée)
100g Corn Starch
80g Sugar
100g Butter(de beurre ramolli)
1 Egg yolk
Vanilla essence

2. Black Chocolate Dough
100g Flour (de farine de blé ordinaire tamisée)
100g Corn Starch
80g Sugar
100g Butter (de beurre ramolli)
1 Egg yolk
20g Cocoa Powder

Some nuts for decoration. I use Pisatacchio nuts, almond, pecan, walnuts etc.
Milk (Ajoutez éventuellement un peu de lait si la pâte ne vous paraît pas assez souple)
Egg white



You can use this recipe for both dough.

1. Melt the butter.
2. Put sugar and mix very well with a whisk until butter turns to white.
The color should be like mayonnaise.
3. Put the egg yolk. Mix well.
4. Put vanila essence, 2-3 drops.
5. Shift the flour together with corn starch 2 times.
(Add cocoa powder here when you make the black dough)
6. Mix the flour in. Mix.

Wrap it in a plastic film and put it in the fridge for 60 minutes.
Envelopez-les dans un film alimentaire et mettez-les au frais 60 mn.

7. Roll it out on a table (you should put some flour on).

                                              You can just use your imagination!

                              Brush some egg white in between the two doughs.

                                      You can use Bento cutting shape as well.

8. Bake in the oven, 180℃ about 10 min.

9. Cool on the rack.



Here are some photos of my Christmas cookies!

                                          Sandy also gets his cookies!

Youtube Video:
Cookie Decoration 
Fancy Decoration

Bon appétit!

Rie 🙂 xxxx


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