Salade au Bok Choy a la Rie!


Bok Choy est une plante herbacée de la famille des Brassicacées, cultivée comme plante potagère pour ses tiges et ses feuilles consommées comme légume. Le bok choy ressemble au céleri ou à la bette à carde et ses tiges blanchâtres sont douces, juteuses et croquantes. Ses feuilles nervurées sont d’un vert foncé et ont un goût moins prononcé que celui du chou pommé. On trouve plusieurs variétés de bok choy aux tiges longues ou courtes.


I like this Bok Choy. It is a very common vegetable in Japan. It is called “Chingensai” in Japan. My mother made many vegetable dishes for us and Chingensai or Bok Choy was one of them. I can buy it in Oslo as well at a chinese grocery store. They are very fresh as you can see. I do not know where they come from, maybe Thailand or Holland.

You need :
4 Bok Choy
Salt and Pepper
3 table spoons of SUSHISU
Pine Corns(Noix de pin) and White Sesame Seeds


Use a big pan. Boil a lot of water and put 2 pinches of salt. Then you put Bok Choy and boil for 7 minutes. I like crispy Bok Choy but if you like to boil more, you can do that, too. After you boiled Bok Choy, put them in a very cold water.

If you take them out from the hot water and put them into the cold water, this beautiful green color will stay. This process is called “Irodome” in Japanese. It literally means “To stop coloring”.

See? It is a beautiful green color.

I cook Bok Choy like this, as it is better to cook them tight together. But these bottoms are not so good to eat, so please cut if off when you eat. Squeeze out the water. Squeeze 2-3 times. Just like you squeeze your hair after you wash your hair.

Cut into small pieces and put them in a bowl.

I use SUSHISU to season Bok Choy. SUSHISU is a mixture of rice vinegar and sugar and little bit of Konbu(seaweed) broth and salt. Put 3 table spoons of SUSHISU over Bok Choy.

Add salt, pepper and some chinese spicy black bean sauce. Do you get it in your country? I lOVE this sauce! It comes from Hong Kong.

It is very spicy so I put just a little bit. I add pine corns, white sesame seeds as well. They add some crunchy taste. Keep it cool in the refridgerator.

Salade au Bok Choy a la Rie avec chinese black bean sauce. Bon appetit!

See you!

A bientôt!

This recipe will remain in English.


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  1. Hello my dear Rie !!! I'm sending you a message to thank you for your nice comment on my blog !! I tried to send it to you on Facebook, but apparently it didn't work. The typhoon has finally gone away and our flight was great. We are now in Bangkok !! I apologize because I won't have the time to visit other blogs during this week, i think. Because it will be one busy week in Thailand 😉 ! However I will still continue updating my blog as much as I can during these 6 days, so that you and my other readers can have news !! : ) I wish you a nice week !!! Caroline~

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